Frequently Asked Questions

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Here's a fun comic to illustrate how you can use TRT as a seller and buyer:

The item will appear on your “My Purchases” page. Once the seller of your item confirms the purchase, the transaction will begin, and you can reach out to the seller through the email address provided on the listing. Happy buying!

Now you wait! Until your request item's expiration date, the item will be displayed on the request gallery page. Sellers are encouraged to browse through requests before purchasing an item. If someone sees your request and thinks their item may be interesting to you, they should reach out to you via email. Happy buying!

Now you wait! Until your item's expiration date, the item will be displayed on the image gallery page. If an interested buyer initiates a purchase, you will recieve both an email and an in-site notification to confirm this purchase and begin your transaction. If you didn't before, you are also encouraged to check out the requests page and see if your item could fulfill any of the requests. Happy selling!

A frozen item on the gallery page is currently in the process of being purchased by another buyer. If this transaction doesn’t go through, the item will be reinstated on the image gallery as a purchasable item. Check back in a couple of days to see if the item is up for sale!

Navigate to the “My Items” page. As long as your item is not currently involved in a transaction, there will be an option to edit information about any of your items.